Preble Hall

"The Most Intense Game of Battleship": Wargaming at the US Naval Academy

Episode Summary

On the 175th anniversary of the establishment of the U.S. Naval Academy, a dozen midshipmen spent a morning in the Hart Room of historic Mahan Hall to play Assassin's Mace, the first event of the new Naval History Wargaming Lab. Lab Director and History Professor Marcus Jones, game instructors Sebastian Bae and Mike Bond, and Midshipmen Jen Sun and Jacob Havilandolores (co-founders of the naval history wargaming society) discuss the benefits of wargames in naval education and we learned from the event.

Episode Notes

Preble Hall is produced by the United States Naval Academy Museum

A History of the Navy in 100 Objects from the USNA Museum


Host: Dr. Claude Berube, Director, US Naval Academy Museum

Date recorded: 10 October 2020